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Notarial fees

1. MY FEES: My present hourly rate is £225.00. My minimum fee for a brief matter is currently £50.00. The rate however may vary, particularly in respect of extremely urgent and/or onerous or unusual matters.

2. V.A.T: I am not registered for VAT consequently no VAT is payable on my fees.

3. DISBURSEMENTS: Additionally you are responsible for all disbursements which may be payable including: (1) legalisation fees payable to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and/or Embassies etc; (2) translators’/interpreters’ fees; (3) Companies Registry fees; (4) Agents; (5) travelling expenses where applicable; (6) couriers’ and/or other transmission costs such as Special Delivery.

4. PAYMENT: Notarial charges are normally payable upon signature/release of the notarised documentation. If disbursements exceed £30, I may request payments for these in advance.  I accept cash and cheques supported by a banker's card. An Invoice can be issued on request for payment within 7 days and 8% above the base rate will be applied on any late payment.

5. SPECIAL FACTORS may affect fee rate e.g. (1) complexity, difficulty or novelty; (2) skill, labour, specialised knowledge and responsibility; (3) time; (4) number and importance of documents prepared or perused; (5) place and circumstances in which the business or any part is done; (6) value of any money or property involved; (7) importance of the matter to the client; (8) urgency, disruption, dislocation/rearrangement of other work; (9) work unavoidably undertaken out-of-office hours.

6. PLACE OF ATTENDANCE: Your personal attendance at my office is usually essential where my own photocopying and experienced secretarial facilities are available as required. In exceptional cases justifying attendance at your own address - e.g. in the event of incapacitation - special arrangements can be made but this inevitably increases time and expense.  There is  parking available nearby office which is also easily accessible by public transport and 30 seconds  walk from the train station.  My office is serviced by a lift and provides easy wheelchair access.

7. URGENCY: Urgency and/or trying to minimise expenses must not override essential accuracy and validity otherwise this could result in the documents being invalid and rejected by the receiving country.

8. COMPARATIVE FEES: If you have attended an English notary in the past, you may have been charged less/undercharged. But times and standards have changed.  My fees take into account the recommendations of the Notaries Society; these confirm that it should not be assumed that all notaries will, or should, charge the same amount for the same work.

9. RECIPIENT’S REQUIREMENTS: If the foreign country/authority/party with whom you are dealing stipulates that documents are to be notarised, then they will not settle for less. So it is pointless to try to take short cuts (e.g. sign it before a solicitor or any other official person) - which WON’T be acceptable. Unsatisfactory documents will be rejected and will come back to you and will have to be done again at your expense

10. FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH OFFICE AND/OR CONSULAR LEGALISATION: Most countries require notarised documents to receive further certification (usually termed “an Apostille”) by the Legalisation Section of Foreign & Commonwealth Office and/or legalisation by the relevant High Commission/Embassy/Consulate. At your request, I arrange receipt of apostille by ordinary courier; but clients may if they prefer deal with it themselves.

11. REGISTER & PROTOCOL: At the conclusion, a formal register entry has to be made by the notary as a permanent record; and a photocopy set of the notarised documentation is customarily kept.